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S2E5 - Facundo Rodriguez on Kant's Interpersonal Philosophy and the History of Philosophy

Facundo Rodriguez is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge. We'll be talking about Facundo's background in philosophy, the 'interpersonal' side of Kant's moral philosophy and the value of the history of philosophy. If you'd like to get in touch with Facundo, you can find him on:

Twitter: @frodriguezx2 E-mail: Website:

S2E4 - Alexander Stooshinoff on Life as a Touring Musician, the Impact of Covid, and the Philosophy of Nature

Today we're joined by Alexander Stooshinoff, a PhD student at McGill University. We'll be talking about Alexander’s former life as a touring musician, his master’s studies at KU Leuven and the University of Oxford, and his doctoral work on the philosophy of nature. You can find snippets of Alex’s music on his Instagram page Patient_Hands, and if you'd like to get in touch with Alex, you can Email him at

S2E3 - Danny Wardle on the Proposed Redundancies at ACU, Social Ontology, and Research Masters

Today we're going to be joined by Danny Wardle, a PhD student at The Dianoia Institute at the Australian Catholic University. We'll be talking about Danny’s experience undertaking a research master's, his work on social ontology, and his view from the inside on the proposed redundancies at ACU. If you'd like to get in touch with Danny, you can follow him on Twitter at @maximalworm or on BlueSky at

S2E2 - Declan O'Gara on University as a First-Gen Student, Moral Error Theory, and Running WiP Seminars

Today we're joined by Declan O’Gara, a PhD student at The University of Edinburgh. We'll be talking about Declan’s experience of the PhD life as a student from a working class background, his research on the provocative moral error theory, and his experiences running a work-in-progress seminar. If you'd like to get in touch with Declan, you can DM him on his Twitter account @Declan_OGara, or email him at

S2E1 - Nicholas Drake on Self-Sufficiency, the Aim(s) of Philosophy, and Measuring Wellbeing

Today we're going to be joined by Nicholas Drake, a PhD student at The Australian National University. We'll be talking about Nicholas' previous self-sufficient life in the forest, his thoughts on the aim of philosophy, and his research on government measures of national wellbeing. If you'd like to get in touch with Nicholas, you can email him at, and you can read more about his research on his website:

5 months ago

End of Season Announcement

Thanks for listening to the first season of The Philosopher’s Nest. We’ve really enjoyed interviewing these brilliant up-and-coming philosophers and learning about their unique research areas and personal experiences with the discipline.

The first episode of season 2 will be released on the first Monday of September. Going forward, each season will consist of 13 tri-weekly episodes followed by a 13-week summer break. Thanks again for listening, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in September.

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6 months ago

S1E32 - Bonus Episode! What Grad Students Wish They'd Known About Doing a PhD

In this second special bonus episode of The Philosopher's Nest, we've asked each of our last 12 guests the same question, and we've compiled each of these answers into a single episode.

We'll be hearing the following 12 Philosophy PhD students answer this question: "What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your PhD?"

Linds Whittaker, University of Washington (S01E20) Dario Vaccaro, University of Tenessee, Knoxville (S01E21) Cara-Julie Kather, Leuphana University of Lüneberg (S01E22) Logan Mitchell, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (S01E23) Sophie Gibert, MIT (S01E24) Kerry Langsdale, University of Nottingham (S01E25) Alice Harberd, University College London (S01E26) Jack Symes, Durham University (S01E27) Levin Güver, University College London (S01E28) Elizabeth Cantalamessa, University of Miami (S01E29) Deryn Thomas, University of St Andrews (S01E30) Elliott Thornley, University of Oxford (S01E31)

This episode was sponsored by Effective Thesis. Click here to learn more about Effective Thesis.

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S1E31 - Elliott Thornley on Population Ethics, Global Catastrophic Risks, and Writing an Integrated Thesis

Today we're going to be joined by Elliott Thornley, a DPhil student at the University of Oxford. We'll be talking about Elliott’s work on population ethics and global priorities research, as well as his thoughts on writing an integrated thesis rather than a monograph thesis. If, after listening, you'd like to get in touch with Elliott, you can find his email address on his website:, and you can follow him on twitter at @ElliottThornley.

Click here to learn more about Effective Thesis

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S1E29 - Elizabeth Cantalamessa on Wyoming, Adjuncting, and Humor

Elizabeth Cantalamessa is a PhD student at the University of Miami. We'll be talking about Elizabeth's background in philosophy, her time in Wyoming, her stint as an adjunct professor before commencing her doctoral studies, and, of course, her doctoral research in the philosophy of humour. If, after listening, you would like to get in touch with Elizabeth, you can email her at

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8 months ago

S1E28 - Levin Güver on the Boundaries between Law and Philosophy, Picking a Good Supervisor, and Intention in Law

Today we're going to be joined by Levin Güver, a PhD student at University College London. We'll be talking about Levin’s segue from a career in law to academic philosophy and his research on action and intention in the philosophy of law. If, after listening, you'd like to find out more about Levin’s work, you can find his website at, or you can get in touch at

Factual error: at 5:54, Kyle refers to Levin doing a PhD in philosophy. In fact, Levin is doing a PhD in Law.

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9 months ago

S1E25 - Kerry Langsdale on Time and Self-Funded PhDs

Kerry Langsdale is a PhD student at the Uni of Nottingham. We'll be talking about Kerry's background transitioning from the private sector to a PhD in philosophy, her experiences as a self-funded PhD student and her work, both public-facing and academic, on the philosophy of time. Kerry is always open to new collaborations and ideas, especially on her interdisciplinary project, the art of time. You can find more details on her website: or email her at .

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10 months ago

S1E24 - Sophie Gibert on the Ethics of Influencing Others and Teaching as a PhD Student

Today we're going to be joined by Sophie Gibert, a PhD student at MIT. We'll be talking about Sophie’s background transitioning from medicine to philosophy, her doctoral research on the ethics of influencing the behaviour of others, and her thoughts and experiences on the teaching side of things. If, after listening, you'd like to get in touch with Sophie, you can email her at, and you can read more about Sophie’s research on her website:

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