The Philosopher's Nest

S1E19 - Bonus Episode! Advice for Students Applying for PhDs in Philosophy

1 year ago

In this special bonus episode of The Philosopher’s Nest, we’ve asked each of our last 12 guests the same question, and we’ve compiled each of these answers into a single episode.

We’ll be hearing the following 12 Philosophy PhD students answer this question: “What advice would you give to students who are thinking of applying to PhD programmes in Philosophy?”.

Alexandra Gustafson, University of Toronto (S01E07) Riana Popat, University of Nottingham (S01E08) Emily Lawson, University of British Columbia (S01E09) Jack Beaulieu, University of Toronto (S01E10) Casey Landers, University of Miami (S01E11) Mira Hannegard, Uppsala University (S01E12) Mary Peterson, University of Hamburg (S01E13) Eli Benjamin Israel, Temple University (S01E14) Lysette Chaproniere, University of Glasgow (S01E15) Mitchell Barrington, University of Southern California (S01E16) Atay Kozlovski, University of Zurich (S01E17) Lorenzo Elijah, University of Oxford (S01E18)

The parentheses refer to their episode number. If you haven't listened to them already, check them out for a wide-ranging interview on a variety of topics!

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